Passage [the letting go...]

Bek MISIC, Passage I, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage II, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage III, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage IV, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage V, 2016

Bek MISIC, PassageVI, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage VII, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage VIII, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage IX, 2016

'Some of us think holding on makes us strong, 
but sometimes it is letting go…'   

[Herman Hesse]

Passage [ the letting go …] is a narrative of nine large scale photographic images documenting the annual release of seeds from the pod of the Adenium obesum [Desert Rose].  

In this series the boat-like forms of the Adenium obesum pod and the star-like structures of its seeds are exploited for their symbolic potential. The pods are removed from their literal environment to float amidst a limitless black space.  In this context these forms become vessels of an allegorical journey and the seeds representative of that which [as is implied in the title] is surrendered, released…

The work is deliberately open to interpretation as to what the journey refers to and that which is being released, but the process is one not of violence, but of surrender, acceptance and transformation… 

Bek MISIC, Passage [The Letting Go], KickArts Contemporary Arts, Cairns, 2016

Bek MISIC, Passage [The Letting Go], KickArts Contemporary Arts, Cairns, 2016

Passage [the letting go...] is on exhibition at KickArts Contemporary Arts until June 11, 2016.

The Art of [Domestic] Enlightenment

Bek MISIC, Before and After Enlightenment II, 2016

‘before enlightenment chop wood, carry water
after enlightenment chop wood, carry water’
[zen proverb]

The Art of [Domestic] Enlightenment is an exploration of the spiritual potential present in even the most mundane of tasks.  It is also an acknowledgement of the disconnect between this ideal and the daily struggle to engage with the spiritual and creative worlds within the realm of the domestic and motherhood.  

In the decade before becoming a mother I was introduced to the teachings of Ajahn Chah and Thich Nhat Hanh.  I found an affinity with Thich Nhat Hanh’s use of Gathas - short verses that assist in mindfulness and gratitude in everyday life.  Yet even after living almost two decades with these teachings, I still find myself striving for magical quiet moments of space and clarity.  Past memories of week-long retreats and countless art camps in aesthetically spectacular desert locations linger. My life at present offers altogether different opportunities for enlightenment; the daily rituals that take place within the realm of the domestic - in a small mill cottage that looks out to a much loved mountain.

The zen proverb ‘before enlightenment chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment chop wood, carry water’ speaks to me not only of bringing enlightenment back to the everyday but of finding enlightenment within the everyday.

These works explore both the struggle and the striving to appreciate the Art of [Domestic] Enlightenment.

Bek MISIC, The Art of [Domestic] Enlightenment, 2016, The Flying Monkey, Cairns

Bek MISIC, Lego Mandala, 2016

Bek MISIC, Before and After Enlightenment II, 2016

Bek MISIC, Stormtrooper Mandala, 2016

Bek MISIC, I Look to the Mountain I, 2016

Bek MISIC, Lawn Mandala, 2016

The Art of [Domestic] Enlightenment is at The Flying Monkey, Cairns from 21st March until 9th April. 

Wooroonooran [presevation/fragmentation] - at CRG...

Wooroonooran [presevation/fragmentation] I-III
nautical maps, graphite

Bek MISIC Wooroonooran [presevation/fragmentation] I, 2015

Bek MISIC Wooroonooran [presevation/fragmentation] II, 2015

Bek MISIC Wooroonooran [presevation/fragmentation] III, 2015

Antique nautical maps become metaphors of journey and navigation. Floating on these maps are islands - rubbings created directly from my previous hand cut topographical constructions of the three main mountains of Woonoorooran National Park.

These works are inspired by both the endurance and the fragility of these landforms;  human endeavour has lead to the islandification and fragmentation of these World Heritage rainforests that dominate my FNQ home.

These works explore both the beauty and the vulnerability of these landforms...

This triptych is currently on exhibition at the Cairns Regional Gallery as part of the Take It Home exhibition:
For more information on Gallery hours at times go to the Cairns Regional Gallery website.

Bek MISIC, Wooroonooran [presevation/fragmentation] I-III,  2015, Cairns Regional Gallery

@ trolley & the tanks ...

Bundadjurruga 2014, Nautical Maps, Graphite [trolley studio, gordonvale]

@ trolley

There's a new groove in the neighbourhood! A new space in Gordonvale - opening this Saturday 7th Nov 6.30am-1pm:

trolley studio [art + coffee]

Last week I sat sipping sweet peach iced tea, tapping away to They Might Be Giants and taking in the amazing creations of Kylie and Ian, surrounded by great art and awesome peeps... just meters from our local IGA [pinch - awesome - it is real!]

trolley studio opens [officially] this weekend - pop down on Saturday morning and treat yourself.  While you are there you can check out the art on exhibition, including one of my recent pieces [see pic above].

trolley studio is on facebook click here to like their page and stay up to date with their opening hours, events and awesomeness ...

@ tanks 

Opening TONIGHT, Friday 6th Nov, 6pm at Tanks Art Centre [Tank 4] is Sub-0 The Affordable Art Show.  

Presented by Knock Knock Contemporary Artists' Initiative the exhibition features diverse artworks from around thirty Cairns based artists and should be a great night out and a great show.  I have a series of seven new works featured in this exhibition [images and details below].

There is also an online catalogue where you can view/purchase artists works.

topographical trajectory  
the wanderings of Sisyphus [from Kooyoora to Chooreechillum] 1993 – 2014
for Sub O
Tanks Arts Centre

‘At the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started 
And know the place for the first time.’
[T.S. Elliot]

Nautical maps are metaphors for navigation.  Topography becomes a palimpsest of experiences both revealed by and imposed upon the landscape… meditations on [dis]location; the striving to find one’s way to ‘home’.

Simultaneously excavating and creating the strata of memory…

[Photographs of works by Michael Marzik]

Bek MISIC, Topographical Trajectory, 2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

Bek MISIC, Ngamdjij2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

Bek MISIC, Mutawintji,2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

Bek MISIC, Rwetyepme 2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

Bek MISIC, Kwartatuma, 2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

Bek MISIC, Bundadjurruga, 2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

Bek MISIC, Wooroonooran, 2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

Bek MISIC, Chooreechillum, 2015, Sub 0, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Photography: Michael Marzik

new work on exhibition ...

lost at see 
Scene I: the flight from Egypt 
Scene II: bundadjurruga + meassemblage; nautical maps, photocopies, mixed media

My father came to Australia by boat from Egypt in 1950.  Pyramids have long been a part of my personal mythology.  Still, I had never envisaged myself making a life at the base of one; nor had I anticipated the daily joy of watching the ebb and flow of sunlight and shadow over such a striking form.  

Then there is the weight of that geology; all that mighty mass of rock, strata - twisted, folded, exposed...

and the mountain that attracts its own weather systems, ever changing, shape shifting; the constant variable that delights the eye everyday…

A pyramid, a monument, a land mark, a way home, a constant, an elevation, a refuge, a trek, a focal point, a composition, a journey, a challenge, a comfort, a waterfall, a silent witness, a sentinel, a peak, a silhouette, a shape shifter, a sunset, a lighthouse

Navigating one’s way from the unknown, home … 

This work is part of a group show The Gordonvale Creative Art Prize 
and received a Highly Commended for Contemporary Art 

Gordonvale Creative Art Prize
Bryce's Arcade, Norman Street, Gordonvale
Open 9am -1pm Saturday 6th September

up & coming exhibition ...

Opening on June 7th is a group exhibition celebrating creativity and community on the South Side of the Far North.  The exhibition runs from 9am-8pm coinciding with the Gordonvale Market Day.

Official opening of Gordonvale Creative
Bryce's Arcade, Norman Street, Gordonvale
Saturday 7th June 6-8pm

Here are the works I have featured in the exhibition...