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lost at see 
Scene I: the flight from Egypt 
Scene II: bundadjurruga + meassemblage; nautical maps, photocopies, mixed media

My father came to Australia by boat from Egypt in 1950.  Pyramids have long been a part of my personal mythology.  Still, I had never envisaged myself making a life at the base of one; nor had I anticipated the daily joy of watching the ebb and flow of sunlight and shadow over such a striking form.  

Then there is the weight of that geology; all that mighty mass of rock, strata - twisted, folded, exposed...

and the mountain that attracts its own weather systems, ever changing, shape shifting; the constant variable that delights the eye everyday…

A pyramid, a monument, a land mark, a way home, a constant, an elevation, a refuge, a trek, a focal point, a composition, a journey, a challenge, a comfort, a waterfall, a silent witness, a sentinel, a peak, a silhouette, a shape shifter, a sunset, a lighthouse

Navigating one’s way from the unknown, home … 

This work is part of a group show The Gordonvale Creative Art Prize 
and received a Highly Commended for Contemporary Art 

Gordonvale Creative Art Prize
Bryce's Arcade, Norman Street, Gordonvale
Open 9am -1pm Saturday 6th September