artist bio

silueta - ilparpa clay pans - alice springs - 2005

Bek Larkin’s artworks are first and foremost a response to place. 

Landscape and geologic processes serve as metaphors for enduring themes including mortality and the transience of human existence, belonging and dislocation, memory and absence, trace and palimpsest. Larkin’s installations, photographs and drawings echo the stratification of land, the strata of memory, of history, and the continual layering and excavating of the human condition.

Bek Larkin completed her BA Arts [Fine Arts], with first class Honours, from LaTrobe University, Bendigo in 1996 with her focus on Printmaking and Photography.  In 1999 she undertook studies in Geology in order to deepen her own art practice, and it was on a field trip to the Northern Territory during these studies that she first discovered an enchantment for the landforms and places of the Top End.

Larkin has travelled extensively though the deserts of Central Australia and across the Top End, to locations including Lake Eyre, the Simpson Desert, Mutawintji National Park, the Sturt Stony Desert, Sturt National Park, Cape Leverque, Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks, Chillagoe and Mt Isa and has spent time  working on Aboriginal Communities and Town Camps throughout Central and Northern Australia.

Since 1996 her work has featured in both solo and group exhibitions, and her works are held in private and public collections nationally and internationally.